Babylook – The Ultimate Baby Mind Reader

Babylook is a technology which bridges the communication gap between a Parent and a Baby. As we know between the age of 0-2 babies are unable to speak, which makes it hard for parents to understand the real need of their Baby.
With help of Facial Pattern Detection, Voice Recognition and Body Analysis, Babylook is able to detect the real emotions of a baby i.e. Understand what the baby is thinking.

Benefits of using Babylook

In this day and age, where most families have both working parents, Babylook provides:

  • Immediate need of the Baby - Saving time that parents gauge in trying to understand why their baby is crying.
  • Correct need of the Baby – Many a times, parents misjudge the correct reason as to why the baby is crying and help them provide the right solution. For E.g. Many Parents think that the best solution is to feed the baby. Some research suggests that this may cause Stress Eating when the baby grows since every time the baby was stressed or crying, they were fed food.
  • 24hr Monitor for the Baby – The wearable detect if the parents need to be alerted for anything important such as Diaper Change, High Body Temperature, Baby gets hurt etc and sends an alert on the Caregiver’s Phone to have a look at the child immediately.
  • Binds the Family together – The Record function of Babylook, keeps a check of what time the baby is to be fed, changed, put to sleep etc, so both parents, as well as other caregivers have all the information on the baby at all times. Keeping them all involved in the growth of the baby.
  • Upbringing – The App is filled with information on how to raise your baby in the best way, for e.g. When should the baby stop breastfeeding, best time for potty training etc. and alerts you as and when required

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Described below are the Key Functions of Babylook:

1. Extract Baby’s Thoughts and Emotions

This function reveals what your baby is thinking and what their real need is.


  • Take a Video/Picture of your Baby
  • Babylook Analyses the Facial Pattern and Voice Expression through Deep Learning, Body Information through wearable and Personal and Circumstantial Information referring to past data in Babylook Database
  • Then Babylook provides information on what the baby needs. It also suggests solutions to the problem
  • You can also communicate with other mothers who are in the same situation.

2. Knowledge Sharing for other Caregivers

The percentage of of families that have both working parents has increased to 60.6% in 2016 compared to 48.9% in 2010 according to the Employment Characteristics of Families USA.

The percentage of families using Childcare Facilities has increased to 30% in USA, which means 1/3rd of entire population uses Childcare Services.

The Care givers need to be updated with all information on the baby, Babylook provides a platform which records all information, such as sleeping time, eating time, bathing time, allergies etc of the baby.

It is crutial in bringing up a child that the flow of childcare is maintained and not disturbed. Babylook helps with that.

3. Alert During Emergency

In any kind of an Emergency, the Wearable of Babylook alerts the Careprovider on their Phone.


  • Many a times when the caregiver is not looking, a baby can hit their head, hurt themselves.
  • Babylook Wearable detects the sudden motion, rush of blood, sudden increase in heart rate and informs the caregiver with a beep immediately.
  • In case of sudden increase in temperature, the wearable detects the same and alerts the caregiver warning them of Fever.
Whoever gets the alert may contact the parents by chat or telephone. If you use the chat the BabyLook stocks the communication history, everyone can know this alert status on BabyLook.

4. Healthy Upbringing of the Baby

To provide your Baby with the best upbringing there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind. Many of which you may forget. Babylook acts as that reminder and provides you professional advice on the healthy upbringing of your child.

Babylook is made based on Childcare Professional Organization Advisors who advice parents on tips and tricks of raising their child in the best manner.

Be it potty training or when to stop breastfeeding. Babylook provides professional tips based on the Baby’s Past History. In turn, helping you raise your child in the best possible manner, without going to the doctor every now and then.


The Babylook Concept is to build a communication channel in your family. Communication is extremely important between each parent, parents and baby, within the family and with the caregivers. Babylook wants to support the fundamental communication amongst everyone.


We have free and paid version. The differences describe below dialog.