Looking after you and your baby

BabyLook is for mothers and parents with babies of 0-2 years old.
BabyLook monitors you and your baby's health, understands your baby's mind and enables better communication with the parents and other caregivers,creating supportive and enjoyable child rearing experience.

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Introduction video
Building strong family foundation through BabyLook

BabyLook consists of 2 wearables and an app with AI system to reveal your baby's mind. The first wearable is for your baby, monitoring their health metrics, while the other wearable is for the mother, measuring her fatigue level.

Tell the baby's feelings to your family
Family care for mother's tiredness and stress
Peace of mind like never before

Looking after babies you know that there are constant risk. The baby wearable monitors their health condition by measuring heartbeat, fatigue level, sleep level and body temperature. When your baby have a sudden fever, or respiratory disturbance that might lead to SIDs, you will be notified immediately. In case of emergency, all family members registered on the app will share what’s going on real time.
The app also analyses your baby’s facial expressions through your phone camera. Shoot a few seconds of your baby’s face and it will show his/her current feelings based on their health data and expression. Imagine the pleasure of being able to understand what your little one is feeling!
The mother wearable monitors her fatigue and stress levels for early detection of these issues by notifying other family members when she is tired or stressed. The whole family can come together to help when necessary, creating optimal child rearing environment.

for Baby
for Mother
Band design with perfect fit

Baby wearable is an ankle band that measures health metrics such as heart rate and blood oxegen levels accurately without restricting baby's movements.
The delicate design allows parents to easily apply and remove the band, but cannot be removed by the baby.

Medical grade sillicon for top safety

With safety first in mind, the materials are made of absolutely non-toxic medical grade silicon for both baby anklet and mother bracelet.

Lightweight for both baby and mom

The wearables are just ---g, so light that you'd forget that you are wearing it after a few minutes! It does not restrict the baby's free movement at all.

Don't worry, it's waterproof

Your baby might wet the band? Of course we have considered various situations where the bands might be used, and they are made waterproof (IP5).

Monitoring two aspects; bio data and facial expression

With BabyLook, our baby's most important health data are constantly being monitored.
When one feels uncomfortable, it shows on the face. It's the same for babies.
Combining the health metrics with baby's facial expressions is what makes BabyLook solution special.

App that monitors health for you and your baby

No matter where you are, or even while you are fast asleep, BabyLook keeps a close watch of your baby's health.
And it also looks after you too mom, along with your family members.

Watching Heart Rate (Baby)
It is not very easy to simply see if your baby is breathing regularly from his/her movements as they are so tiny. BabyLook measures their blood oxygen level and hear rate accurately and detects any breathing abnormality which might cause SIDs.
Watching Body Temperature (Baby)
Just like us adults have different range of body temperatures, baby's normal temperature vary by individuals. BabyLook learns your baby's regular body temperature over time and manage accordingly.
Watching Sleep (Baby & Mom)
Sleep is one of the most important aspect for newborn baby to facilitate their healthy growth of brain and body. BabyLook helps you track and manage your baby's sleep depending on their age. Sleep could also be stress indicator for mothers. BabyLook also monitors the mother's sleep and encourage the family to support when she is in need.
Watching Fatigue Level (Mom)
BabyLook monitors the mother's biological cycle and measure her fatigue level. Even when the mom is preoccupied by the baby, the app can notify you and your family mambers to also take care of yourself.
Communication and data sharing
BabyLook allows multiple people to look after and communicate for the baby and mother. Whether it's with your family living away or your baby sitter, utilise BabyLook for enhanced collaboration.
Revealing the baby's mind for you

Your baby looks unsatisfied and not sure why? Ask BabyLook with just 3 steps!
The AI system on BabyLook intelligently guesses your baby's current feeling and help you act upon it.

※For best resutls, make sure that your baby has the wearable on.


Shoot a few seconds of your baby's face.


Upload the video to BabyLook App.


Check the analysis result on BabyLook App.

Integrated analysis of baby's facial expression and health metrics from the wearables

Since 2016 we have made alliance with various kindergartens and nurseries, collecting relevant big data from 0-6 year olds and researching correlation between their facial expressions and feelings. Currently we focus on detecting most important, life saving information such as fever, respiratory insufficiency, fatigue, lack of sleep etc.
BabyLook also improves its analysis by having supporting data from the wearables. Combining the baby’s expressions and their bio information, the app analyse and reveals the baby’s current feelings.

*The app is planned to be available through monthly or annual subscription.

BabyLook (facial analysis) is ready for a fun trial in our DEMO app!
Competitive Advantage

The table shows how we are different from similar services in the market.
Our service stands out in two ways: 1) We visualise your baby's mind for you, 2) We support families to come together for child rearing.

製品名 内容 ウエアラブル
体調管理 保護者
緊急通知 複数
      ベビー ママ      
BabyLook 体調監視+
A社 体調監視 オムツorズボン -
S社 体調監視 オムツ -    
C社 体調監視 足首 -    
O社 体調監視 足首+床パッド -  
M社 体調監視 ベビーウェア -    
N社 体調監視 手首 -  
Voices from our beta users

Our little one is 8 months old. What stroke me the most about the BabyLook prototype was how light it is! I would even forget that I'm wearing it. Another good thing is the material...I'd pick up my baby and his head sometimes touches the band but its really soft and safe.

I'm a mother of a 5 months old. The app is very intuitive and easy to use. The analysis is not always accurate in guessing the baby's needs, but the health monitoring side makes it reassuring. I suppose it'll improve in upcoming versions.

I'm a father of 10 months old and decided to try BabyLook with the "mother" band myself. Seeing my baby's photo speak his mind on the app was fun. You can add comments and share it to your family members, which stirs up some talk too.

I used to argue over trivial things with my husband since I was easily stressed out and he was not being helpful. BabyLook detects my fatigue signs even before I realise it myself and nudges my husband and families, which improved our relationship dramatically.

BabyLook Pre-Order Sale
BabyLook (Estimated Delivery:2019.1.20)
・BabyLook wearable (Bady×1 / Mom×1)
・Exclusive App (12 months free premium) ×1

We will inform you of pre-order start information by e-mail!
Pre-order your Baby wearable & exlusive app access at 26% off by making $39 deposit. Fully refundable until Jan 2019 (Excluding remittance fee if any). Remaining $100 will be invoiced upon shipment in Feb 2019.

We have been working hard to create the best product in terms of both hardware and software. So far, the development have been smooth and we plan to deliver our final product by end of January 2019. However, since BabyLook will be worn by your precious babies, any kind of defect is unacceptable. In this aspect, it is possible that our plan would change due to future hardware or software issues that arise in the future.
Through the support of the Kickstarter community, we would deliver the perfected product for the happiness of you, your baby, and your family. We will further strive to create the best possible product.